As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, its founders grew up with graffiti and street culture in the 1990s. They mix innovative food, sports and streetwear with youth and urban culture, art and music. Friesday started as a small stall selling Belgian fries in London and evolved into well-established food brand.


Our first Friesday store opened up in 2018 in the monumental food city Bradford, rapidly followed up by another opening in Sheffield (and counting) additional Friesday restaurants throughout the UK.

In a short amount of time our innovative Fries menu got noticed, both online and offline with a growing following. 

Friesday serves innovative food in an easily accessible and enjoyable environment. We serve tasty, mouth-watering Belgian Fries, without compromising on quality, taste and texture. Innovation is in our DNA! From our colorful signature Munchbox, Fries Cones, Friesday Burger and more, to our extraordinary milkshakes and european cult drink brands such as Chocomel.

We choose to focus on quality and experience thus that’s why every Friesday has its own unique atmosphere. Our signature interiors are an edgy blend of colorful street-art with a hint of chique. Vintage R&B and hip-hop tunes rock you into our unique urban metropolitan laid back Friesday vibe and will make you want to come back for more.

We love to lead with authenticity, innovate, connect and bring people together to enjoy Food the Friesday way.

Come join our #boombastic fries and be surrounded by a vibrant culture and genuine hospitality brought to you by a team on a mission to tickle your senses.

 Friesday serves up   scrumptious Belgian Fries   with a selection of exciting   sauces & toppings. You'll get   the crunch and the   fluffiness all in one bite! 

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Lovingly created by the Friesday Team.

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